Our memory isn’t entirely reliable and as most would say, it’s heavily influenced by our own subjective perception. But what happens when the treasure chest of data that you so deeply depend on, falters and is no longer an accurate reference of past events? Not only do you start to forget the little things but begin to question day-to-day processes like facial recognition, credibility of recalled personal information and event recollection. It’s common to fear aging, but the fear associated with memory loss, a symptom of aging, surpasses any terror caused by a few extra gray hairs.  Individuals between the ages of 50-79 are especially vulnerable to experiencing instances of memory loss or forgetfulness and often believe these are tell-tale signs of old age. Ignoring the symptoms of memory loss can mean ignoring the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

To help individuals assess their brain health, Baycrest and MaRS partnered to form Cogniciti, relying heavily on Microsoft technology partners Dapasoft and Navantis. The resulting free online assessment tool was developed to test areas of the brain closely related to aging and is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. The 20 minute test intuitively compares the user’s results with other individuals within their age group. “The test taker receives a personalized report with their results, a suggested action plan, and access to a wide selection of science-based brain health information videos, books, and tools,” states Dr. Bill Crounse, Senior Director of Microsoft Worldwide Health. Users with a relatively low score can instantly receive their results and share an in-depth summary report with their practitioners to aid in devising a treatment plan.

Why us

As the leading software IT partner, Dapasoft built the solution on .Net Technology while ensuring the front-end of the project is user-friendly and responsive to all screen resolutions, specifically addressing the needs of individuals of advanced years. Our continuing relationship with Baycrest is fostering new improvements and ideas to help push this solution toward growth and healthcare adaptation.

With a set focus on healthcare, we can help your organization develop tools that create self-awareness in patients and serve as a catalyst to reach out to practitioners in the early stages of any health issue.