Collaborative Care

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Collaborative Care

Collaborative care is an emerging healthcare philosophy and movement that encourages health providers to actively work with patients, other medical professionals and people working outside the healthcare sector. In recent years, collaborative care has become a critical component in the treatment of mental and physical health. Primary care centers are key players in this process.

Collaborative care programs are one approach to integration in which primary care providers, acute care providers,  psychiatric consultants, and care managagers all work together to provide care and monitor patients’ progress. Research has found that collaborative care can have a very positive effect for a variety of health conditions.

Collaborative care includes:

  1. Care coordination and care management;
  2. Regular/proactive monitoring and treatment to target using validated clinical rating scales;
  3. Regular, systematic psychiatric caseload reviews and consultations for patients who do not show improvements.

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Hurdles to Collaborative Care

Organizations working within a collaborative care model do face challenges such as lack of integration between the program, existing clinic systems and processes, a need for standardization in processes.

EHR systems and lack of data and app interoperability is a significant challenge that hampers team communication. Healthcare IT solutions can solve many of these issues and positively impact the success of collaborative care initiatives.

We can smooth the road to collaboration by reducing the complexity around data and app interoperability using our Azure native healthcare iPaaS, Corolar Cloud. Please feel free to contact us to book a demo and see firsthand how we can aid with collaboration care.

Book a demo and find out how Dapasoft can help you overcome the hurdles to delivering collaborative care.

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