Corolar Virtual Care (CVC)

A Microsoft Teams Solution for Virtual Care Clinics

Corolar Virtual Care (CVC) is a Team’s native solution for acute care providers to rapidly launch virtual clinics, integrated with their EHRs and scheduling systems. CVC supports both walk-in and scheduled virtual sessions. CVC can be integrated with the organization’s EHR ( Meditech, Cerner, EPIC, etc.) via FHIR APIs or HL7 standards. With CVC, clinicians can easily access patient data from EHRs within Microsoft Teams while on the virtual care session.

Corolar Virtual Care (CVC) serves two critical healthcare segments:

    • CVC is designed and developed with input and insights from CIOs and frontline clinicians working in community acute care hospitals running COVID-19 virtual assessment centers. The solution is ideal for organizations that have deployed O365 technologies.
    • Typical CVC users include registration clerks, triaging nurses, and clinicians from specialty clinics.

Key Immediate Use Cases of CVC

Virtual Walk-in Assessment

CVC is ideal for acute care hospitals looking to setup virtual walk-in clinics to serve emergency and transient needs of their community. Customers are deploying CVC to meet the needs of virtual COVID-19 clinics, virtual emergency clinics, virtual flu clinics, etc. 

Scheduled Virtual Care

CVC supports scheduled virtual visits using Microsoft Teams when scheduling happens in the EHR. We support integration with all HL7 and FHIR compliant EHR systems including MEDITECH, EPIC, Cerner, and others. 

CVC Features 

Corolar Virtual Care enables walk-in and scheduled virtual sessions for healthcare providers.


For Clinicians

Initiate Virtual Appointments

With CVC clinicians can join virtual consultation appointments and add additional participants as required in private or group sessions.

Centralized Access to Patients in Queue

Clinicians get easy access to patients in queue based on clinic type and can also view intake forms completed by them.


Check Patient History

With CVC clinicians get access to patient status history for better care coordination and improved care delivery.

For Patients


Fill Intake Forms

Complete intake forms for availing virtual consultation from clinicians

Join Virtual Appointments

Patients can now access healthcare from their homes by joining a private or group virtual consultation appointment with healthcare providers using Microsoft Teams.

Available Virtual Services

Patients can view list of services available on the portal and system requirements for virtual consultations

For Care Coordinators and Admins


Design Intake Forms

Corolar Virtual Care makes it easy for care coordinators and administrators to design and configure intake forms for different clinic types.


Email and Text Notifications

CVC brings the capability to setup templates for email and text notifications.

Easily Setup Clinics and Care Pathways

Setting up different clinic types and configuring care pathways by clinic types is now available with Corolar Virtual Care.

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