As a long-standing Microsoft partner focused on healthcare providers, we are excited about the new Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. Microsoft brought it to public preview last week during the most widely attended Build event. If you are interested in learning more about how Dapasoft can help you leverage Microsoft’s first industry-specific cloud, please sign up for a one-on-one session with us.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is available for FREE for the first six months. It is currently for healthcare providers, with plans to expand to payers and life sciences in the future. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare combines capabilities from all three Microsoft Clouds: Azure, O365, and M365. These capabilities should help providers automate tasks, including complex clinical workflows, while enabling analytics with structured and unstructured data. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare enables providers to improve these four areas quickly:

  • Patient engagement
  • Health team collaboration
  • Operational and clinical data insights, and;
  • Interoperability and security

At Dapasoft, we have been working with Microsoft product teams hand-in-glove for the last two years on using Microsoft Teams for patient engagement and health team collaboration. We are excited to have four complementary products and solutions to help customers succeed on Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

For patient engagement, we are especially proud of the Corolar Virtual Care Clinic (CVC), it is coming into public preview shortly. For health team collaboration, using the Teams platform, we built Corolar ConnectedCare App (C3A)a Teams native application that integrates easily with EPIC, Meditech, Cerner, Allscripts EHR systems, and brings patient data into Teams to facilitate collaboration across the care continuum. Dapasoft’s Corolar Clinical Data Repository is ideal for providers to bring real-time HL7 data feeds from EMRs/EHRs to stand-up an Azure SQL operational insights systems. As a partner with early access to Azure FHIR, Teams platform, we have made it easy for providers to move HL7 data to Azure FHIR. Last, but the most critical strength of Dapasoft is healthcare interoperability. Our Azure native healthcare iPaaS, Corolar Cloud, allows providers to co-exist simultaneously in the new FHIR era and the old HL7 v2/v3 realm.

As a company focused on healthcare and Microsoft technologies, we are excited about the focus Microsoft is bringing to healthcare. We are proud to partner with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to serve our joint healthcare provider customers in Canada and the US. If you are interested in learning how Dapasoft can help you leverage Microsoft Cloud of Healthcare – please sign up for a one-on-one session.