Enterprise Integration

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Scalable, rapid, and reliable enterprise integration solution

Corolar Cloud, is an enterprise hybrid integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS). It is an ideal hybrid cloud integration and governance platform for data and application modernization in a heterogeneous IT environment.

The Corolar Cloud iPaaS delivers a rapid, reliable, and scalable interoperability solution for enterprise organizations. Corolar is built from the ground up to bring application integration and management together with a data-centric approach in the hybrid cloud world. Corolar brings a set of cloud services for mission critical enterprise integration. It brings a set of cloud services for mission critical enterprise integration that includes APIs, orchestration, messaging, and events services.

Enterprise Integration Services and Capabilities


A way to publish and manage application programming interfaces (APIs). This API service makes software services accessible to other software, whether those services run in the cloud or on premises.


A straightforward way to create and run integration logic. For example, you might need to implement a business process that relies on several different applications, all accessed via APIs. To create this kind of workflow, an iPaaS provides orchestration, typically with a graphical tool for defining the workflow’s logic.


Often messaging is a way for applications and integration technologies to communicate in a loosely coupled way. This service provides queues that hold messages until they can be picked up by the receiver. This lets applications and integration software communicate asynchronously, even across diverse technology platforms, something that’s often required in integration scenarios.


A technology that supports communication via events. Rather than polling a queue in a messaging service, for example, it’s sometimes easier and more efficient to learn about changes by receiving an event. These hybrid cloud services, sometimes combined with other public cloud technologies, can be used to integrate both cloud and on-premises applications.

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Enterprise Integration Solution

  • Process any data format:
    – X12
    – EDI
    – CDA
    – Flatfiles
    – XML
    – JSON
    – HL7
    – FHIR & more..
  • Support for all protocols
    – MLP
    – HTTP(S)
    – FTP(S)
    – SFTP
    – Database
    – Web Services (SOAP, RESTful)
    – File System
    – TCP/IP & more…

Enterprise Integration Service Benefits

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Interoperability solutions cost more than just software licenses. When you consider the labor cost of building and maintaining interfaces, hardware requirements, and uptime obligations, Dapasoft’s enterprise iPaaS, Corolar, delivers the lowest cost of ownership of any integration solution on the market.

Faster Implementation Times

Corolar enterprise users find that they complete integration projects faster on average when compared to previous integration engines that they have used. With a predictable and consistent approach, you spend less time on your integrations and more time on your core business.

Scalable to Match Your Growth

Our hybrid enterprise iPaaS is able to process thousands of messages per second. With Corolar solution backed by hyper cloud scale, you can easily process even the most demanding message volume with no hardware requirements.