The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference kicked off on Monday in San Francisco. The conference is the biggest annual healthcare event in the world and rightly so, as more than 9,000 attendees are expected to take part in the conference this year. It is holy ground for healthcare companies looking to present and drive change in the healthcare space. This year, more than 450 companies from biotech, pharma, insurance and hospital systems are participating and presenting.

The conference has come a long way from 1983 when its first edition was hosted. At that time only 20 companies had attended the conference with just 200 attendees. Today, however, the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference helps shape and drive issues of importance for healthcare companies for the year.
From healthcare service providers to pharmaceutical firms, the conference is a playfield for everything related to healthcare.

jp morgan healthcare conference area

This year, Health IT is expected to make big news at the conference. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon have recently started to invest heavily in healthcare and especially into health IT and that is expected to drive a lot of interest at the conference.

New entrants from technology sector like Amazon is developing a machine learning tool which mines patient data and puts them in direct competition with traditional Health IT companies like AllScripts and Cerner. Moreover, entry of new digital therapy companies are also expected to impact the current value chain.

All these new entrants working with existing EHR system raises significant interoperability challenges. At the conference Issues like interoperability in healthcare and the need to consolidate multiple data standards are also expected to drive a big audience. Similarly, solutions like managed care are also expected to make headlines at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference as healthcare service providers and payors look to tackle the menace of rising costs.