Patient Engagement

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Patient Engagement

Patient engagement has emerged as an important trend in healthcare. Recent years have seen an increase in the development of healthcare apps that better engage patients and their families in their personal healthcare decision-making process. Healthcare organizations both big and small have embraced this shift in thinking.

Today’s patient wants to be an active participant in their own healthcare-related decisions. Study after study concludes that a patient engaged in their healthcare decision-making process will tend to be healthier and have a better long-term outcome. Patient engagement has been unofficially labeled as the ‘the blockbuster drug of the century’.

A recent HIMSS leadership survey found that 72 percent of healthcare IT leaders identified patient engagement and satisfaction as business issues that will have a heavy impact on their businesses in the next two years.

Healthcare IT is the backbone that powers patient engagement. At Dapasoft, we take pride in the ability to aid in patient engagement by offering interoperability solutions to cut time to value on patient engagement projects.

Healthcare IT & Patient Engagement

Clinicians, businesses and IT leaders within a healthcare organization must work together to develop and execute sustainable patient engagement initiatives.

Eighty-seven percent of participants of a recent HIMMS survey think patient portals for medical records is critical. Improving healthcare IT produces superior health outcomes and leads to a subsequent reduction in healthcare costs.

Technology is opening the doors to some very exciting medical engagement opportunities. We live in a connected world and engaged world. Devices such as wearable technology coupled with online patient portals provide a new-found access to patient care information.

We utilize the latest technologies and IT concepts to improve patient engagement in healthcare organizations both large and small. We would look forward to discussing how we can help your organization develop innovative patient engagement processes powered by cutting edge medical IT.

Challenges of Patient Engagement

It takes more than technology to improve patient engagement, it takes a cultural shift of philosophy within the entire organization. As we see the healthcare industry refocus its attention towards patient engagement some obstacles will need to be faced, these include:

  • Difficulty shifting patient behaviors
  • Different communication preferences
  • Lack of health information exchanges
  • Technology ease of use
  • Operational and implementation challenges due to lack of data and app interoperability
  • Workforce reluctance

Developing a patient engagement process is just the beginning. Many healthcare organizations find the process to be difficult to grow over time; we work to provide healthcare IT solutions to make this process run efficiently. Contact us to learn how your organization can embrace this new and rapidly evolving landscape.

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