Precision Medicine

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Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is an emerging concept in the healthcare world. It is a modern approach to understanding factors impacting health and prescribing treatments. Take an example of an asthma patient. At the surface, this patient suffering from asthma shares many of the same characteristics that other 3 million Canadians living with the condition have, breathing is harder for them than an average person. When you dig deeper and take into account the person’s age, where they grew up, living conditions and ancestry. A one-size fit all treatment can have limited outcomes for asthma patients and people living various other health challenges.

Precision medicine is a healthcare IT-powered solution that begins by profiling a patient. Information is collected and analyzed using innovative technology. Data from various sources is collected and a customized healthcare plan is created. Precision medicine allows medical care providers the ability to develop custom treatment plans that can prevent disease, understand a patient’s health risks and gain a data-driven understanding of how similar patients have experienced successful treatments. This results in better results and substantial savings for healthcare organizations.

The goal of precision medicine is to develop a care plan that is customized for the individual patient. Properly collecting and managing healthcare data is key to developing a comprehensive precision medicine solution. We partner with healthcare organizations to develop innovative precision medicine solutions on Microsoft Azure. We bring decades of experience on ingesting structured and unstructured healthcare data so that you can cut time to value on designing, developing and deploying your precision medicine solutions on Azure.

Promise and Challenges of Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is an exciting and promising population health analytics solutions, but it comes with its own set of unique challenges. An effective precision medicine solution requires vast amounts of data from various sources, with new data types being introduced regularly.

As a healthcare IT provider, we utilize Corolar cloud, a smart and quick healthcare ingestion platform powered by Microsoft Azure to solve this complex data challenge. Sources of data are brought together, allowing our clients the ability to improve their patient care and knowledge.

Challenges Implementing Precision Medicine

The amount of data being utilized for precision medicine is growing quickly and is not showing signs of slowing down. For example, there’s been a recent increase in the amount of data coming directly from the patient, this patient-generated data is complex and comes in various formats. Typically, this patient-supplied data is combined with relevant data from various environments, research and studies, focus groups and electronic health record (EHRs).

Our Azure native iPaaS is ideal for pulling data from disparate sources, including patient-generated data, with our pre-built connectors and FHIR APIs in Azure. We can easily ingest a wide variety of structured, and unstructured data. A strong platform built to support a varied and massive amount of data with unique standards, formats and types is key to a successful precision medicine strategy.

We would be more than happy to provide a demo of our Corolar Cloud and show how ti can cut time to value on your precision medicine initiatives.

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