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How We Helped Healthcare Providers and Payers Achieve Interoperability

Here is how an assisted living facility achieved a hybrid cloud system by integrating on-premise Cerner to Dynamics 365 on Azure using Corolar.

Here is a how we used WOHS’s existing BizTalk engine to help them access to extensive report data in real-time.

Learn how a pregnancy, birth and childhood registry network achieved integration across 5 centres using SQL and Logic Apps on Azure.

Here is how a publicly funded healthcare entity saw data exchange across 12 hospitals and other clinical information centres using a Microsoft BizTalk Server platform.

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The service oriented architecture of BizTalk puts the control in our hands and allows us to develop interfaces easier, faster and at a lower cost.

Azure Healthcare Case Studies

Whether you’re already using Microsoft Azure, looking to switch or start from scratch, we can help. Take a look at our recent case studies and learn how we assisted organizations and companies with our healthcare solutions.