Azure Migration for Healthcare Providers & Payers

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Health IT Services on Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft® Azure is a platform of choice for Canadian and US healthcare providers and payers for patient centric digital transformation. Migration to Azure doesn’t have to be black and white. Work with us to capitalize on the versatility of Azure by employing a hybrid cloud model and benefit from the best of both worlds.

For healthcare enterprises, cloud migration to Azure is a top IT priority, but obstacles such as cloud skills gap, limited staff availability, or re-architecting legacy applications keep projects from proceeding. Dapasoft is an ideal partner for healthcare enterprises to move to the cloud with minimum risk!

Microsoft Azure Services for Healthcare Providers & Payers



Azure architecture services from Dapasoft take a holistic view towards your hosted health IT infrastructure, examining your current systems, software licensing, growth trajectory, and workflow to design an appropriately sized cloud platform that is ready to scale and integrate with legacy infrastructure.


Our Health IT Azure experts will work with you to identify the best ways to move your applications and data to Azure, designing a scalable custom environment. We are one of the only Azure partners with health IT experience to bring strategies such as lift-and-shift, repackage, re-architect, and rebuild.


Azure automation grants complete control during deployment and operations of IT environments. Integrate Azure services and other systems to deploy, configure, and manage end-to-end processes. We provide continuous deployment, integration, configuration, monitoring, and protection.

Why choose us for Microsoft Health IT needs?

Health IT Experience:
Deep Canadian and US health IT experience with acute care providers and payers. We can work smoothly with both the technology and business constraints of health IT organizations.

Azure Health IT Experts:
We have been working on Azure IaaS and PaaS services since 2013. We are one of Microsoft’s Cloud Gold partner and Microsoft’s global go-to-partners for healthcare interoperability solutions.

Interoperability Experts:
We have repeatable artifacts, approaches, and products to tackle the biggest digital transformation challenge – integration with existing architecture. We provide Azure native solutions for healthcare data ingestion and application interoperability.

Hybrid Cloud Experts
We understand the complexity behind making the decision to move to Cloud. In healthcare, on Azure we have very rich experience of running clinical and non-clinical applications alongside existing infrastructure instead of replacing it. We can easily handle old world data standards like HL7 v2, HL7 v3, C-CDA and new world requirements like FHIR.

Microsoft Health IT Consulting and Services


Application Integration

Integration applications to create real world solutions is the core of our business. From concept and deployment to support, we provide our customers with full SDLC application integration services.

Business Intelligence

We provide business intelligence (BI) services and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that enable our clients to achieve optimal results from their business information systems.

Custom Development

Available on stand-alone, client/server and web-based architectures, our custom solutions are designed to expand with new functionality as your organization grows.

Mobile Development

From modification of existing solutions to the creation of new apps, Dapasoft has the experience and knowledge to help you embrace mobile technology regardless of platform.

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