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Enterprise Cloud

Dapasoft has helped many organizations migrate to the public cloud —Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 and we can quickly put the cloud to work for you.

As an IT services company built on a foundation of application development and software consulting capabilities, Dapasoft is uniquely qualified to take our clients through all phases of cloud adoption.

We can move clients from quick “lift and shift” of existing applications into cloud infrastructure services (IaaS) to re-architecting applications harnessing native cloud platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) capabilities.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions

  • Instant IT and organization modernization
  • Quicker time to market of products and services
  • Decreasing marginal cost as you scale
  • Improved reliability
  • Improved infrastructure and application security

Why Dapasoft for your Enterprise Cloud

  • Deep Canadian and US healthcare experience, especially strong on the acute care provider and payer side
  • Microsoft Cloud Gold partner and Microsoft’s global go-to-partners for healthcare interoperability solutions
  • Azure native products and services for healthcare data ingestion and application interoperability

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Microsoft Azure Cloud

For many years, Dapasoft has specialized in Microsoft .Net development tools, technologies and best practices. Dapasoft recognized the shift towards modern Cloud solutions in Healthcare, and over the past few years years we have invested in our Microsoft technology capabilities with a strategic focus on Azure for leading edge cloud solutions.

Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing cloud platform, and we see rapid adoption of cloud solutions in healthcare across North America. Dapasoft is very focused to ensure that we are fully aligned with Microsoft to deliver innovative solutions that incorporate new cloud capabilities into our healthcare solutions. Dapasoft is a Microsoft certified partner for Cloud Platform solutions.

Office 365

As a Microsoft certified partner, Dapasoft understands the benefits of collaboration and productivity tools, and works with clients to adopt solutions that will make their jobs easier.

Microsoft Office 365 is a such a tool, and provides collaboration, security, insights and assistance though analytics and mobility, enabling users to get more done wherever they might be. Dapasoft is equipped to help users engage with and get the most out of Office 365.

Application Modernization

Custom and legacy applications can become problematic when trying to streamline and manage an enterprise. Dapasoft’s Corolar Cloud iPaas is an ideal hybrid cloud integration and governance platform for data and application modernization in a heterogeneous IT environment.

Built from the ground up to bring application integration and management together with a data-centric approach in the hybrid cloud world, Corolar Cloud can help solve your legacy issues.

DevOps for Azure

To simplify, improve and speed up cloud development, Dapasoft uses DevOps for Azure. By automating software delivery, DevOps combines people, processes and technology to quickly and reliably deliver software. We provide the following Azure DevOps services:

  • Azure PIA / TRA Assessment
  • Azure Governance Services
  • Azure (IaaS and PaaS) Services
  • Azure DevSecOps
  • Custom Healthcare Application Development


Protecting data is a top concern for any organization, which is why with iSecurity we ensure it’s a priority in everything we do. We build, deploy and manage effective information security programs, validate the security controls of connected systems, and have the ability to detect malicious security threats and provide remediation support.

Infrastructure Services

Azure architecture services from Dapasoft take a holistic view towards your hosted health IT infrastructure, examining your current systems, software licensing, growth trajectory, and workflow to design an appropriately sized cloud platform that is ready to scale and integrate with legacy infrastructure.

Using DevSecOps, our strategy for enterprise architecture is secure by design infrastructure and application development.

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The benefits of Corolar to accelerate design and development of our interfaces simplified MEDITECH 6.0 integration, providing our healthcare professionals with dependable and timely access to important clinical data

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